The Winner Of The November NFT Challenge Is... NKP!

Congratulations to Lya (AKA NKP) on winning the November NFT Challenge!

As the theme was Pixel, Lya decided to create Colors and Lights - inspired by her life in Japan, visions of the Tokyo Tower reflecting on the buildings at dusk - one of her favorite sights.

Lya wins a Wacom Intuos Pro S delivered to her door in Tokyo!

Colors and Lights

This train doesn't stop anywhere, stuck on an infinite loop. Hop on and stay until you forget yourself.

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November's Theme: Pixel

Pixels are the building blocks of our digital world. NFT art would be nothing without these tiny colourful squares and it’s about time they got the credit they deserve!

Every screen, camera and monitor filters our world through this microscopic grid of lights, and we wanted to see how it informs your art.

From retro 8-Bit pixel art to 3D voxel experiments and beyond, we asked our users to create a piece of digital art in any style that explores the pixel.

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