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Traditional investments are complicated and boring.
You need an economics degree to understand them.

Now anyone, anywhere is able to invest in the asset categories they know and trust.

Verified Momint NFTs have been extensively vetted by 3rd party auditors, with real legal contracts embedded into the token, kept safe and secure on the blockchain. This provides Legally Binding mechanisms for ownership and dispute resolution, enforceable in over 160 jurisdictions around the world.
NFT Investments

Real Assets, Real Returns

We offer real world assets, so there is true value backing your purchase.

We do the audits & background checks so you don’t have to

Affordable investments starting at $1

Build a portfolio of real and digital assets

All assets are stored and secured on the blockchain

Opportunities you can Understand

We make it easy to trust what you're investing in.

Every project broken down into an explanatory video to make it easy for you to grasp

All the info you need to make informed investment decision at your fingertips

Connect and discuss with the community

Own Assets With


We offset more carbon than our minting produces and we offer impact projects with wider sustainable development goals.


With verified artists and vetted projects, built-in plagiarism detection, and more. No more deception, scams or rug pulls.


You can show off the assets you back and engage with the community. Like, follow, share and comment.

Become a citizen of the Metaverse

Understand the crucial concepts that will be shaping our world over the next decade, from early internet to NFTs, from modems to metamask from Web2 to Web3.

What we do

We Source
Our experts curate rare, valuable & exciting assets from around the world.
We Verify
At Momint we are serious about auditing and vetting every verified project to protect you.
We Tokenise
We mint asset tokens on the blockchain, in partnership with specialists.

What you do

You Hold
Alternative assets are growing. You can potentially sit back and watch your new (fraction of a) property grow in value.
You Trade
Buy & sell your tokens on our secondary marketplace to other users.
You Build a Collection
See your portfolio of alternative assets in the app and curate the perfect collection.
*P.S. You can also Create and Sell your own NFTs for free!

Momint is The digital marketplace
of the future

We’re harnessing the power of blockchain technology to revolutionise the next generation of assets.

Built with the Planet in Mind

Momint uses a proof-of-stake Blockchain.

Our default chain, Gnosis, offsets 10x more carbon than it generates. NFTs on Momint are over 300x more eco-friendly than typical Visa transactions and millions of times more energy-efficient than transactions on Ethereum or Bitcoin blockchains.

Watch behind the scenes

From launching Africa’s first NFT Marketplace to hosting the largest NFT auctions on the continent, the Web3 world is constantly evolving, and so are we.

Follow our journey from startup to Unicorn...

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