Our Mission

Sustainable Distributed Energy Grids Owned by the people

How are we going to achieve this?

We’re educating the world about Web3
We’re building a safe platform for owning and trading Energy Assets
Momint Wallet
We’re driving utility and return on investment through verified Energy Projects
Verified Projects
Driving financial inclusivity through self-sovereign Ownership of the Infrastructure that powers Economies
Momint Wallet

A Blockchain Agnostic Approach

Groundbreaking & Globally Significant Work

We’ve built pioneering partnerships that demonstrate how blockchain technology can be harnessed to support important endeavours and drive real world change.

Watch behind the scenes

Our Team
Ahren Posthumus
Founder & CEO
Adam Romyn
Signoria Mluma
Office Custodian
Reagan Woodbridge
HR & Social Media Manager
Ruzaigh Kalam
Frontend Developer
Mitchell Levieux
Legal & Compliance
Ethan Lawrence
Advisors, Investors & Partners

We’re honoured to have the guidance and mentorship of such a diverse group of high performing individuals and teams.


dedicated ecosystem to promote Web3 growth from the heart of Abu Dhabi.

Roland Tatnall

Led $3bn renewable transition at major mining company

Hans Otterling

Founding Partner Norrsken22

Raj Kulingsingam

Senior Counsel at Dentons, Energy and Renewables

Tyler Reed

CEO Hyve Mobile, 1.5Bn monthly transactions


The top Ethereum software company, enabling developers to build next-generation financial infrastructure..


Dedicated to helping innovative startups successfully scale through resourcing, cloud infrastructure and mentorship.

Outlier Ventures

A leading, UK based, Web3 accelerator and founder community that offers support, infrastructure and advisory in Web3.

Crossfin Ventures

A Venture Capital firm with a strategic focus on highly scalable financial technology businesses across Sub-Saharan Africa.

Mountain Partners

A Swiss-based early-stage venture capital firm that invests in startups developing innovative technologies and business models.


Industry-leading smart contract audit service used for auditing smart contracts.


Partner for fraud protection and AML (Anti-money laundering).


A Web3 Ecosystem Accelerator that aggregates entrepreneurs building tangible utility with its most robust foundation in Africa.


An early-stage venture capital investment and technology company with a focus on democratization.

SM River Ventures

Investing in great ideas, founders and companies. 500 Startups Angel Investor of the year 2021.

Full Circle Ventures

A group of venture-backed pan African companies.


Julia Short
Head of Marketing
Tommy Rose
Junior UX & UI Designer
Sebastian Bosman
Product Manager
Leilaa Job
Executive Assistant
Mpho Dlamini
Fronted Developer
Adrian Van Den Houten
Senior Software Developer
James Macey
Video Producer
UX/UI Designer
Steve Raath
SEO Specialist
Ofek Liepaz
Project Manager
Nigel Mukandi
Nathan Nadler-Nir
Graphic Designer
Julian Forbes
Motion Graphics Artist
Luke Romyn
Head of Growth
Lwazi Vubu
Michael Viljoen
Project Manager
Isaac Chikutukutu
Larona Dipholo
Ross Rawlins
Lead Developer
Christian Schoeman
Video Producer

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