Gomolemo Mokete - BUSI BHIVE

A reflection of how beauty and art can be perceived in two completely different ways, paper which is degradable and digital which lives on forever.


The owner of this NFT will receive the physical original paper artwork with the digital twin.

Gomolemo Mokete

Born and raised in the capital city of South Africa, Pretoria, Gomolemo has a strong artistic background having attended an art high school which fostered her creativity, communication and innovation. She later went on to do a course in Art & Design at the Design School of Southern Africa (DDSA) in 2012 and completed her National Diploma in Graphic Design Communications in 2015 at the Tshwane University of Technology’s Arts Campus, a course which consisted of drawing, photography, branding and marketing as its core modules. Gomolemo completed her three-year journey by graduating in May 2016, collecting accolades such Residence Committee member (2015) and Class Representative (2014) along the way. Being a freelance photographer and working as a promoter has grown Gomolemo’s clientele through networking. Her graphic Design skills, knowledge in marketing and advertising combined with her strong photography skills make her a force to be reckoned with. Gomolemo is currently working as a Junior Graphic Designer, which requires a fast thinker, problem solving individual with great people skills. Attending art festivals such as Back to The City Annual Hip Hop festival and various design/photography expo’s has opened up networking opportunities and encouraged this talented young artist. Gomolemo aspires to open up her own studio one day and eventually a creative hub. She believes in women empowerment in this heavily male dominated industry and constantly spreads knowledge about the creative industry and the various career opportunities available by using platforms provided by her church and the community of Atteridgeville at large. The mantra “Ask. Believe. Receive” is what keeps her constantly going.