Jared Aufrichtig x Samurai Farai - Mellow Fellow

The artwork “Mellow Fellow” was firstly born through a collaborative effort by Samurai Farai & Jared Aufrichtig. The artwork quite simply is an expression of identity. The figures in the foreground are almost shadowed by the figures behind it. Representing a second personality or even hidden emotion that can be considered universal in society. The alluring lemon gradient background aims to highlight the almost formless lines that bring the characters to light and create a visual connection between them. The background juxtaposes the graphic use of lines and tonality to create an impression, a sensation of our character and their mood. Which we leave up to the imagination of the viewer.


The NFT owner maintains ownership of The Original Framed Artwork in perpetuity, which should accompany this NFT with any future resales of the NFT.

Jared Aufrichtig

Jared Aufrichtig, is a multidisciplinary contemporary artist with a history of working in the fine art industry. Skilled in Art, Photography, Education, Murals, Film Production, Art Direction, and Visual Arts. His Art and Photography have been exhibited in galleries and museums around the world as well as published in over 100 books and magazines. Including his own 700+ page coffee table book about South Africa and its youth culture. Having also completed a myriad of beautiful or effective Murals, Public Arts and Creative Development projects around the world. In addition to vast charity and philanthropy globally specializing in youth, animals and nature.

Samurai Farai

Farai Engelbrecht, formally known as Samurai Farai is an independent contemporary artist from South Africa. His work focuses around cubist portraiture inspired through the characteristics of artists like George Condo, Basquiat and Picasso. Taking inspiration from the details of the people in society, the happenings and nuances between human dynamics and the conversation of what occurs beneath the surface of all of us as people: emotionally, psychologically and spiritually. A large facet of his work is mental health and creating awareness as well as conversation around the topic. The multiple versions of self that one human can possess, using bright, bold and courageous colour and use of line to communicate an almost optimistic and childlike hope of visual understanding.