Marc-Gregory - Matriarch featuring Thuli Madonsela

Professor Thuli Madonsela embodies strength, grace and dignity and this was captured this by linking her to the animal she identifies with - the elephant. In some cultures, the elephant is considered sacred and assumes an understated power of royalty.


The buyer will receive an A0-sized physical edition, frameless acrylic print signed by the artist in addition to the Digital Twin NFT.

Marc Gregory

Marc-Gregory is a visual artist creating what he aptly describes as “visual alchemy”. His artistry has been touted as fresh, alternative and modern during his work with South Africa’s most recognised personalities. He considers his photographs as the base ingredient of the magic that happens in the editing process, where he weaves imagery together to create something that visualises his subjects purpose. His instinctual talent and flair for turning photographs into art led him to publishing the book, In Good Company. After some years as a corporate, he wanted to pursue his lifelong passion for helping leaders uncover their purpose and creating magic from photographs. Prior to this, photography had been a hobby, and even doing it occasionally, Marc’s photographs appeared on the cover of The Sunday Times Travel and Huffington Post. “I’m especially passionate about working with leaders who are motivated in the pursuit of achieving their most audacious dreams,” he explains.