Qeren Fourie - Serendipity And The Search For Meaning

Serendipity And The Search For Meaning uses semi-abstract forms and textures to depict the chaos and unpredictability of the universe we live in. Imaginary Friend, a symbol for hope and ambition, can be seen trying to find his way through the chaos of intersecting shapes, conflicting shadows, foundation-less platforms and stairs and ladders that lead nowhere. The primary narrative of both the animated and painted versions of this work is that, in a world that holds infinitely more power and chaos than we can fully understand, we can find comfort in our own ability to hope, aspire, and ultimately decide what holds meaning in our lives.


The owner of this NFT will get the Physical painting on satin, the animated Digital twin as well as a single edition "Imaginary Friend" gold leaf and volcanic ash on nylon sculpture.

Qeren Fourie

Qeren Creates is a multidisciplinary artist from Nelson Mandela Bay, currently residing in Cape Town. Qeren's work is an effort toward externalizing the inner worlds of feeling and thought. Qeren employs a range of characters to denote different parts of the mind and how they interact with each other. Qeren's most well known character is Imaginary Friend, a protagonist who represents relentless hope and child- like ambition. Growing up in various cities, towns and villages in Southern Africa, Qeren embraced art from a young age, not only as a solitary pastime but also as a way to connect with new friends in every new place. Punk- rock, skate culture, hip-hop and street art dominated Qeren’s early exploration of the arts, with a deep love for painting, digital artwork and animation developing later on. Qeren’s work spans virtual and digital mediums. To date, his characters have found form in painting and sculpture, as well as animated, 3D, virtual- and augmented reality works. Intentional meaning is paramount to Qeren’s art practice. Every piece has an intended but incomplete message, inviting the viewer to interpret, project, and ultimately complete the shared pool of meaning. Qeren has exhibited locally and his first international solo exhibition will be held in October in collaboration with award-winning virtual reality company, Rooom AG, in Jena, Germany.