Rico Swanepoel - Spirit Capturer

The character is a Spirit capturer who lives in between the spirit world and earth, his job is to capture lost and tormented souls stuck on earth, the flying skulls represent the lost souls and the soul capturer wears a similar skull mask to lure them in.


The owner of this NFT will get the Physical framed artwork and the Digital twin. If this token is burned, the owner is able to redeem a free tattoo.

Rico Swanepoel

Originally from Port Elizabeth, where he studied graphic design, Rico is an amazing illustrator with a love for graffiti-inspired characters. He made the move to Cape Town at the start of the new millennium to apprentice under Manuela Grey of Wildfire fame. Rico joined us in late 2014. Although he mostly prefers Black and Grey, Rico is highly proficient tattooer who is skilled in a variety of different styles.