Great Sources To Learn About Blockchain Technology

Wondering where you can learn about blockchain technology? Here’s a user-friendly list of sources that help you get to grips with — and keep tabs on — this revolutionary concept.

Great Sources To Learn About Blockchain Technology

Blockchain technology is complicated. And there’s sooooooo much content shared about it, it’s easy to feel overwhelmed at even a tentative first google — or worse, be sucked into a spiral of hype and misinformation.  

But we’re stoked for anyone wondering how or where they can learn about blockchain technology. We’ve thrown together a list of our favourite sources to help you get started.

Fundamentals of Blockchain and Cryptocurrency 

Whether you just want to fib your way through smalltalk or are harbouring a secret desire to become a crypto god, these sources are a great place to start:

  • Decrypt: Billed as “your guide to Bitcoin, Ethereum and Web 3.0” you’ll get more than just the industry’s breaking news — their Learning portal hooks you up with quick reads that make the world of Blockchain and cryptocurrencies simple to understand.
  • Khan Academy’s Introduction to Bitcoin: What can this non-profit not teach us? With a mission to provide free, world-class education for anyone, anywhere, Khan Academy delivers on this promise in their Economics course with spectacular introductory lessons on Bitcoin.
  • Simply Explained: Hit subscribe on this YouTube channel that unpacks complicated subjects in plain English. Their Blockchain and Cryptocurrency playlist is packed with answers to all sorts of questions, from “Will GDPR kill blockchains?” to “What’s a Bitcoin hard fork?” and more.

    Notable mentions:

The Blockchain Ecosystem 

Start exploring what happens when participants in a blockchain network link up and form an ecosystem. Spoiler alert: this allows users with the same objectives to use blockchain technology to create and transfer business value. These sources have more:

Notable mentions:

Blockchain Use Cases Across Industries

A close second on “Where can I learn about blockchain technology?” is “What the fudge can blockchain actually do?!”. We’ve got you covered — keep tabs on these blogs to blow your mind on all the ways people are using blockchain.

  • The Defiant: Sign up for this newsletter and keep your eye on everything to do with decentralised finance —one of blockchain’s key use cases.
  • CoinDesk: Dubbed “the Wall Street Journal” of crypto, CoinDesk is where we go for serious reporting on blockchain technology and its effect on global financial markets and big (beeeeg) business.

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Legislation, Regulation and Policy

There’s no question that regulators were on the back foot with all things Bitcoin and blockchain for a while, but they’re starting to catch up. Here’s where to find the latest on what’s legal or not:

  • Luno Blog: There are dryer places to learn about how governments are scrabbling to regulate blockchain technology and cryptocurrency, but we love the way this fintech disruptor offers up the latest news in bite-sized, beginner-friendly chunks.
  • Chambers and Partners Blockchain 2021 Global Practice Guide: This is a big, heavy and serious book packed with legal information on blockchain in 18 jurisdictions. From the latest on decentralised finance (DeFi), updates to tax systems, NFT regulation and more — it’s kind of like the Idiot’s Guide To Blockchain Law, but for real lawyers. 

Notable mentions:

Exploring the Future of Blockchain and Cryptocurrency

We can’t see into the future (yet), but there’s a lot to be said for educated guesses based on historical data and a healthy dose of critical thinking. Get a taste of where we may be headed with the help of the following sources:

  • Cryptocurrencies and the Future of Money Research Report: The Center for the Governance of Change (CGC) is an applied research institute based at IE University that studies the political and socio-economic impact of technological innovations. In this report they unpack what the future of crypto could look like.
  • A Discussion on the Future of Blockchain: This article by the European Business Review is a solid introduction to how the near-future may find us using blockchains across multiple use cases, from NFTs to digital identity verifiers and more.
  • The 101 Blockchains Guide to the Future of Blockchain: A meaty resource for anyone wanting to think more deeply about blockchain technology trends and future applications, this shares what we could expect and more importantly, why.

Notable mentions:

The blockchain, crypto and the NFT space is constantly evolving. Keep up with the latest news, join the conversation and share your favourite sources with us on the Momint Discord Channel

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