Discover What's New: Momint Version 3.07 Release Highlights

Explore the latest innovations in Momint Version 3.07! The Momint App has undergone significant upgrades to enhance your digital asset management experience. With sleek data tables replacing traditional browsing, finding assets is easier than ever. The introduction of a cart feature streamlines purchases, allowing bulk buying across projects and profiles. Real-time blockchain syncing ensures data integrity, keeping you informed with the most accurate information. Stay tuned as we unveil more improvements, ensuring Momint remains your go-to platform for managing digital assets effortlessly.

Discover What's New:  Momint Version 3.07 Release Highlights

Let's dive into the details of what you can expect from this latest update:

Data Tables: A Smarter Way to Navigate

In Version 3.07, we've revamped the layout of asset browsing by replacing the old card list with sleek and efficient data tables. Now, users can easily locate the assets they're looking for, thanks to enhanced organization and intuitive design.

Cart: Simplifying the Purchase Process

One of our most requested features was the ability to bulk buy, Version 3.07 introduces a cart feature to streamline the purchasing experience. Now, users can easily add multiple assets to their cart, even across different projects or profiles, and proceed to checkout seamlessly.

Blockchain Syncing: Ensuring Data Integrity

In Version 3.07, we've reformed our blockchain syncing process to ensure real-time data integrity. Previously, our system synchronized with the blockchain on a scheduled "heartbeat." However, with this latest update, we've implemented a system that listens in real-time for changes. As soon as a change occurs on the blockchain, it triggers an immediate update to our database.

This shift means that users can now access more reliable and up-to-date data when using the app. By staying synced with the blockchain in real-time, Version 3.07 ensures that users have access to the most accurate information available, enhancing their overall experience on the platform.

New Minting Process Release

While this release temporarily disables new mints on the platform, users can expect a smoother and more efficient minting experience once the new process is implemented within the next 30 days.

Experience the future of Momint now.

Visit now to take advantage of these exciting new features and elevate your digital asset experience. 

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Discover What's New: Momint Version 3.07 Release Highlights

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