Momint Hosts One of Africa's Biggest NFT Auctions

4-Month Old tech start-up, Momint, after achieving a multi-million dollar valuation, hosted Africa’s largest Non-Fungible Token (NFT) auction in Cape Town on 11 November 2021, by auctioning off the works from the likes of Lucas Radebe, Bryan Habana and Arno Carstens to name just a few.

Momint Hosts One of Africa's Biggest NFT Auctions

Momint Puts Africa on the Map for NFTs

“NFTs are new and exciting blockchain-based digital tokens that enable ownership and traceability of unique digital assets. NFTs exist on the blockchain and require no middlemen or central authority to operate. The usage of NFTs is growing rapidly worldwide, largely due to their utility in the global art and gaming communities. Many experts have agreed that they will form the basis of a new internet revolution” shares Adam Romyn, CTO at Momint.

On the 11th of November, Momint hosted Africa’s largest NFT auction to date, and provided local and international buyers with the opportunity to bid for and own high-value pieces that support African art, sport and conservation – all using blockchain technology. South African heroes, artists and superstars, including Lucas Radebe, Arno Carstens, Ard Mattews and Bryan Habana all came together to take part in this key national event. 

The funds raised through different items on auction will be donated to several charitable causes, including the Black Rock Rhino Conservation project and the Bryan Habana Foundation which seeks to provide acts of goodwill and humanitarian relief to local communities that need it most.

Even more exciting, is the fact that the funds raised through this auction will also be used to help preserve heritage and history. In a historic first, a spy “pen gun” once owned by anti-apartheid icon and former ANC President Oliver Tambo, was also tokenised into an NFT for the auction. The spy pen gun is believed to have been gifted to Tambo by the East Germans, to help protect Tambo from any would-be assassins, during the mid-1980s. All proceeds of the sale will be used to help save the Liliesleaf Museum in Johannesburg, which has been hard hit by the lockdown and Covid-19.

The spy pen gun NFT is a digital photorealistic image of the actual spy pen gun which is stored safely within the Lilliesleaf Museum archives and is not accessible to viewings by the public. The proud owner of this NFT will obtain the right to experience and view the Pen Gun at the Liliesleaf Museum for life.

The auction of the spy pen gun NFT is a significant new development for the preservation of South Africa’s heritage. “If we can successfully leverage the power of NFTs to preserve our rich heritage, we will put South Africa on the global map in terms of innovation through crypto-asset use and management” shares Maurice Crespi, CEO at Virtual Nation Builders. 

Tambo’s status as a former ANC President, along with the significance, utility and rarity of this piece, are believed to be among the factors which will drive the price of the NFT up. 

The Liliesleaf Farm and Museum is one of South Africa’s foremost national heritage sites. Between 1961 and 1963, Liliesleaf served as the secret headquarters of the ANC, SACP, Umkhonto we Sizwe and the Congress Alliance which overthrew Apartheid government. Today, Liliesleaf is home to several extraordinary exhibitions that tell the story of the journey to democracy in South Africa. But Liliesleaf faces significant funding challenges that threaten its survival. The net proceeds of the sale of the Pen Gun NFT will be used to keep our history and heritage alive for many generations to come. 

Auctioning off the First-Ever Rhino Horn NFT

“South Africa’s rhino population is plagued by the tragic brutalities of poaching. We’ve never harnessed or leveraged the use of NFTs in the conservation space, making this a historical first for our country. And by using NFTs, we are now positioning ourselves at the forefront of creating value in rhino horns without putting the rhino’s life at risk at all”.

The winning bidder’s investment in this first-ever rhino horn NFT will be ring-fenced for the conservation and growth of South Africa’s rhino population. The DNA profile of the rhino horn NFT is #ZA908220119RH and has been certified under RhODIS®️ Case Number RR006499. This particular rhino horn NFT displays unique patterns of growth and colouration, having been sourced from a male rhino. It measures 33cm in circumference and 30cm in length.

Momint is exceptionally proud to be hosting this auction for so many important causes. Momint hopes that this rhino horn NFT will show South Africans how they can leverage and use digital assets, as our country steps into a new digital future, in line with the global Fourth Industrial Revolution. As an African company and platform, Momint wants to drive value and utility using blockchain technology and NFTs. 

The 3D rendered Rhino Horn NFT

Full List of NFTs Auctioned

Rhino Horn NFT

The First Ever Rhino Horn NFT pioneered by Virtual Nation Builders. All net proceeds will be fed back into Rhino conservation and ensure the increase in the population of the great Rhino.

Oliver Tambo Spy Pen

In an historic South African first, a spy “pen gun” once owned by anti-apartheid icon and former ANC President Oliver Tambo has been tokenized into a Non-Fungible Token (NFT). The spy pen gun is believed to have been gifted to Tambo by the East Germans, to help protect Tambo from any would-be assassins, during the mid 1980s. All net proceeds of the sale will be used to help save the Liliesleaf Museum in Johannesburg, which has been hard-hit by the lockdown and Covid-19.

"Spy Pen" NFT

Jared Aufrichtig and Farai Engelbrecht

Jared Aufrichtig and Farai Engelbrecht have collaborated on an amazing original fine artwork titled "Hers and His", which has been animated by Strika animator Clinton Jones and will come beautifully framed and be included in the NFT sale. The sale placed this piece firmly in the top 5% of all NFT sales, worldwide. This along with future bodies of work, also made Jared Aufrichtig the #1 top selling one-of-one NFT artist on the continent.

Hers and His
Farai and Jared in collaboration with Mercedes Benz

Arno Carstens Oil Canvas

Multi-platinum award winning musician and fine artist Arno Carstens will be auctioning his most exclusive oil on canvas painting with a digital ownership NFT. Arno has received numerous awards including Best Rock Album, Best Alternative Album & Song of the Year, has toured with The Rolling Stones, U2, Bryan Ferry, Simple Minds, Ultravox, Paulo Nutini and The Police.

Lucas Radebe

Football legend Lucas Radebe will be launching his first NFT exclusively with Momint. The First Edition will come with a signed football from Lucas. Lucas began playing in South Africa with Kaizer Chiefs, before transferring to Leeds United, where he played 256 matches for the Yorkshire side. He became Captain of Leeds United and also of the South African national team, most notably for the Soccer World Cup in 2002, Nelson Mandela said of Radebe: "This is my hero".

Marco Olivier Sculpture

Arguably the most successful sculptor in Cape Town, Marco auctioned off a physical installation of his 'Face' sculpture which has become ubiquitous in the most high-end hotels and galleries around the world.

Bryan Habana

Bryan Habana auctioned off an exclusive one-on-one session with the Cheetah himself. In 2015, Bryan set up the Bryan Habana Foundation to channel the values and experiences he learned playing professional sport to inspire the next generation of young South Africans. The foundation helps transform individuals and societies by giving them a sense of empowerment and inspiration and creating a legacy that lasts through generations. All proceeds of his NFT will be donated to the Bryan Habana Foundation.

Ard Matthews

Over the course of the last decade and a half, well-known singer and songwriter, Ard Mattews, has been honing his craft and moving people the world over. As the frontman of South African band Just Jinjer, with one of the biggest selling rock genre albums of all time, achieving double platinum status in its first year. Matthews sold an NFT which afforded the winning bidder with exclusive access to take a cruise on his personal vessel (one of the oldest seaworthy vessels in Cape Town) and place a golden plaque that will remain there forever on your berth (bed).

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