Momint Hosts ‘Proof’ - Africa’s Largest NFT Auction

Momint hosted Africa's largest NFT auction at The Grand Africa. Proof was a night where historic NFTs were sold and we celebrated the potential of Web3 technology.

Momint Hosts ‘Proof’ - Africa’s Largest NFT Auction

Momint Hosts Africa's Largest NFT Auction, ever.

This was an event where history was made. We proved the potential that Web3 technology has, to bring back the magic of historical items as well as the true value of digital assets, followed by a night of celebration.

The night celebrated the tokenisation of one of the most historic documents in the world, as well as the world-class work of some of the globe’s finest artists. 'Proof' showcased the real potential of NFTs. Receiving over R8 Million in bids. Proof was a night that Africa will never forget.

We Auctioned A Piece of South African History

The most iconic item sold on the night was an NFT created from Nelson Mandela’s Warrant of Arrest. The NFT sold for R1.9 million, with the proceeds of the sale going to the Liliesleaf Museum, in an effort to support the national heritage site. The buyer of the NFT is entitled to exclusive access of the original document which is held at the Liliesleaf Museum.

Historic documents weren’t the only pieces on show, with the auction featuring some of the finest works from artists around the globe.

Another sale which made the headlines was the ‘Bulletproof’ NFT from Fight Back SA. A project that aims to empower young women and children living in crime-ridden areas in South Africa. The NFT sold for R90,000, with the proceeds going to support the development of the NPO.

List of NFTs Auctioned

Nelson Mandela’s Warrant for Arrest

Nelson Mandela is renowned worldwide for leading the end of South Africa's policy of apartheid in the 20th century, during which he was infamously incarcerated at Robben Island Prison for 18 years. His warrant of arrest is a unique historic document with worldwide significance. It will immortalize a moment in history by recording it on the blockchain.

Proceeds from the sale went toward saving the Liliesleaf Museum, which assisted Mandela in the struggle-era and was struggling to remain afloat in a post-pandemic world.

Closing bid: R1.9 million

Bulletproof by Fightback SA

Fightback SA is a registered NPO focused on the empowerment of young women and children living in crime-ridden areas within South Africa. Fightback provides free self-defence classes, enabling young women and children to defend themselves in vulnerable situations. Trainees receive physical and psychological coaching to support our primary objective: training you to survive a violent attack by a criminal or terrorist.

Fightback is unique in that they travel to the most dangerous and secluded parts of the country to teach women how to deal with violent hand-to-hand situations, being held at knifepoint or gunpoint, handgun disarms, rape-defence, hijacking, home invasion scenarios, kidnapping, hostage situations and more - with the backing of True Krav.

The ‘Bulletproof’ NFT represents one of only 10 to ever be minted, and the NFT owner sponsored an entirely new provincial expansion for the organisation.

Closing bid: R90,000

Tarina Patel - Beauty

Marco Olivier, the sculptor for this piece, specialises in creating life-size and oversized bronze, aluminium and resin sculptures.

Closing bid: R55,000

The Story of My Life

This one-of-a-kind NFT is a digital twin to the full-sized sculpture painstakingly crafted by the incredible sculptor, Marco Olivier. This NFT represents a 3D digital twin of the real full-sized sculpture. Proceeds of which went towards Move-me, a charity started by US Movie star Briana Evigan, to support conservation efforts.

Closing bid: R95,000

Tertius Van Dyk - Surrealist

Tertius has been featured in many prestigious exhibitions all over the country, showcasing his love for art and nature.

Closing bid: R60,000

Marco Olivier - Surrender Man

Marco used this peaceful, ensuring experience with the man to craft a sculpture that captures the meaning of perseverance. Marco hopes that the piece inspires more people to never give up on their dreams no matter how tough the circumstances.

Closing bid: R250,000

Peter Terrin - Love Hangover

Love Hangover is one of two pieces in this auction from Peter Terrin.

Closing bid: R180,000

Chaz Williams - Girl with a Hummingbird

‘Girl with a Hummingbird’ is a piece from local artist, Chaz Williams.

Closing bid: R60,000

Peter Terrin - Mind Games

Mind Games is one of two pieces from Peter Terrin.

Closing bid: R200,000

Jared Aufrichtig X Samurai Farai

Orgiastic Colour is a collaboration of Jared Aufrichtig and Farai Engelbrecht, Bringing about a dynamic piece with unique and powerful elements.

Closing bid: R75,000

We also hosted a massive party from the future.

Hosted at the prestigious venue, 'The Grand' in Cape Town, Proof was the largest NFT festival in Africa.

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