Momint Partners with Cybera to Prevent and Respond to Cybercrime

We can now perform advanced customer due diligence in order to wipe out any attempts at fraud on the Momint marketplace with CYBERA.

Momint Partners with Cybera to Prevent and Respond to Cybercrime

Cybera developed the world’s first dedicated CYBERCRIME WATCHLISTTM - a unique and powerful global dataset which companies, organisations and governments can utilise to detect and prevent cyber-related financial crime, scams and money laundering.

Their high-quality, integrated data provides actionable intelligence on money mules including wallet addresses, IBANs, email and social. It also means higher automatic approval rates and a reduced number of fraudulent accounts, false positives, manual reviews and unnecessary document requests.

Here’s how we achieve the above:

  1. CYBERA gathers their information from multiple global data sources including:
  • A dedicated Cyber Crime complaints & case resolution  service on their platform where victims of cyber crime can quickly and easily report incidents (CYBERCRIME VSRTM)
  • Law Enforcement Agencies
  • CYBERA Special Projects, for example: a collaboration with a Swiss University on a Scam Baiting Research and Investigations Project. As well as a collaboration with global non profits such as the World Economic Forum WEF, the Identity Theft and Resource Center ITRC, and the Global Cyber Alliance GCA.
  1. They screen and add this data to the centralised CYBERCRIME WATCHLISTTM
  2. This data is integrated to Momint’s Marketplace through their API
  3. We can then quickly and easily conduct Transaction Monitoring, KYC & Due Diligence and Intelligence Work & Investigations 

Even further, if there is ever a case where someone on the marketplace is defrauded, they will be able to submit a case which opens a real criminal case in the jurisdiction of the seller. 

By harnessing the CYBERCRIME WATCHLISTTM, the Momint Marketplace becomes more secure. It gives us the ability to break the siloed nature of today’s online data by centralising tangible cybercrime data points to add an extra layer of actionable intelligence to Momint’s fraud, money laundering and general KYC processes.


CYBERA is on a mission to stop money laundering and help protect customers from scams and other financial cybercrime.They close the gaps that allow cyber criminals to thrive by sharing crime data in real-time with financial institutions, fintech, and crypto exchanges, and coordinating a global response to support customers who have become victims of financial cybercrime.

CYBERCRIME WATCHLISTTM helps support firms to reduce fraud and money laundering and meet the requirements of the CRM as part of a holistic fraud and financial crime strategy.

CYBERCRIME VSRTM lets victims report fraud and scams to increase chances of recovery. 

Unlike other data sources, CYBERA is a global solution, so it is well placed to support the increasing levels of cross-border real-time payments.


The CYBERA_ NFT certificate uses blockchain technology to provide authenticity, transparency, and safety to businesses. By subscribing to CYBERA's WATCHLIST™ and VSR™ solutions, businesses receive this NFT for free and can use it as a visual method to verify their membership in the Cybera_Community. This NFT is designed to increase customer trust and give subscribed businesses the necessary tools to protect their communities from cybercrime in the crypto and NFT space.

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Momint Partners with Cybera to Prevent and Respond to Cybercrime

We can now perform advanced customer due diligence in order to wipe out any attempts at fraud on the Momint marketplace with CYBERA.

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