Introducing The MYT Pass: The Tokenisation of Momint’s YouTube Channel

The MYT Pass is a pioneering project that showcases a unique way for users and supporters to support meaningful video content.

Introducing The MYT Pass: The Tokenisation of Momint’s YouTube Channel

Tokenising Momint's YouTube Channel

Since the age of engaging with video content, there has been no way to support video creators that provide entertaining and meaningful content. There has also been no real way for the creators to reward their fans apart from continuing to provide high-level content. Momint is looking to change this. 

By tokenising our YouTube channel we will provide a way for those who enjoy our content to support the channel in a unique way, and earn rewards while doing so. Tokenisation is a mechanism that divides the ownership of an asset into many digital tokens. These tokens thus represent shares of that asset. By tokenising our YouTube channel, we’re splitting 100% of our ad revenue into 1000 digital tokens. Holders of these tokens will then be entitled to quarterly payments of this revenue, automatically initiated through the use of a smart contract beginning on the 1st of July, this year. 

Tokenisation of YouTube Content

This project aims to fill a void within the Web 3.0 educational space by being the first Web 3.0-focused YouTube channel that offers supporters the opportunity to buy into academic and helpful content as we move into a new age of the internet. The project also aims to showcase the possibilities for content creators to reward fans as well as create a sense of belonging within their community. 

Since ad revenue is driven through views, token holders will be incentivised to promote and share our content, increasing the organic growth of our channel. The more views and subscribers the channel gets, the greater earning potential for token holders. 

About the MYT Pass

As mentioned above, Momint have released 1000 tokens at a price of $10 per token, available for trading on our marketplace. The funds raised from selling the digital collection of NFTs will be used to fuel our video content strategy, as well as accelerate the rollout of our latest project, Metaversity. A series that aims to dissect the complexities around the blockchain era.

Momint supports the purchase of NFTs using your Momint balance, Ethereum, or a credit card. This means that no prior crypto experience is required to interact with our marketplace and purchase a token.

The content on the Momint channel will be aimed at educating the audience about the Web 3.0 ecosystem. By releasing high-quality, informative Web 3.0 educational content, Momint will empower audiences to make use of the technology that will define our future and create a symbiotic partnership to onramp more people onto Web 3.0 for the benefit of the Web 3.0 ecosystem.

Momint’s YouTube channel has grown exponentially with the rise in popularity of Web 3.0 technology. Having launched in July 2021, the channel's videos have accumulated more than 2 million views.

The MYT Pass is your way to support the release of educational content around blockchain technology and earn while doing so.

Buy your MYT Pass here.

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