Selling Momint NFTs on Other Marketplaces: Bridging Tokens

The process of bridging makes it possible to transfer tokens to various blockchains. This makes other NFT marketplaces and other dApps accessible.

Selling Momint NFTs on Other Marketplaces: Bridging Tokens

What does bridging an NFT mean?

Bridging is a protocol that connects two different blockchains to enable interactions between them. NFT bridging allows the NFT holder to transfer their tokens between different blockchains.

The benefits of bridging tokens is that various NFT marketplaces become accessible for token holders. Users can sell NFTs bought on one marketplace that is supported by a blockchain, and sell them on different marketplaces supported by different blockchains. The key focus here is interoperability.

Purchasing NFTs on Momint doesn’t limit you to our marketplace. One can bridge their NFTs from Gnosis or Polygon, the blockchains that support Momint’s marketplace, to Ethereum Mainnet, where they can be interacted with on other marketplaces.

Here are the steps in bridging your NFT from Gnosis to Ethereum Mainnet:

Step 1: Having Momint Tokens in Your MetaMask

We’ve covered sending tokens off Momint in this article. Make sure you follow every step here and you’ll have this step covered.

Step 2: Head to Omnibridge

  • Follow this link to Omnibridge
  • You will then need to connect your MetaMask wallet
  • Once connected, if you completed Step 1 correctly, you should see your tokens show up. If the images don’t show up, don’t worry — just take note of the token’s ID to make sure you’re interacting with the right token. You can see the token’s ID by hovering over the token.
  • It should look exactly like this:

Step 3: Bridging the NFTs

  • The final step is to bridge to the token to Eth Mainnet
  • Select the black checkbox of the token you’d like to bridge
  • Then select ‘Request’ in the purple button

  • You will then need to sign for two transactions. One is on the xDai chain, while the other is for Eth Mainnet. Please note you will need a tiny amount of xDai (Gnosis’ native currency) as well as a tiny bit of Ethereum
  • That’s it, your token now rests on the Ethereum Mainnet. Ready for action on different marketplaces supported by Ethereum!
  • Remember to chain your network to “Ethereum Mainnet” in order to see your assets.

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