How to Send NFTs off Momint & To Your MetaMask

Having NFTs on Momint doesn’t limit you to having them stored solely on our platform. Tokens can be sent to other wallets where they can stored and even traded on other marketplaces such as OpenSea.

How to Send NFTs off Momint & To Your MetaMask

How To Send Tokens from Momint to Your MetaMask

Let’s dive into a step-by-step process of sending NFTs from your Momint wallet to another digital wallet. For this tutorial, we’ll use MetaMask as the wallet where you can send your assets.

A reminder that the tokens you minted on Momint are in completely yours and these tokens are compatible with all kinds of dApps on various blockchains.

Step 1: Adding Gnosis to MetaMask

Seeing as though the NFTs minted the Gnosis blockchain on our platform, you need to add Gnosis to your MetaMask’s list of accepted networks. Here’s how that’s done:

  • Select the ‘Ethereum Mainnet’ panel at the top of the MetaMask extension interface
  • After that, select ‘Add Network'
  • You will then to taking to your MetaMask Settings page, which looks like this:
  • Fill in the following data:

Network Name: Gnosis Chain


Chain ID: 0x64

Symbol: xDai

  • Click ‘Save’ and you’ve added Gnosis to your MetaMask!
  • You will now see ‘Gnosis Chain’ under your list of accepted networks, like so:
You should now see Gnosis within your MetaMask networks

Step 2: Adding Momint Contract Address

You’ll also need to have to import Momint’s contract address in order to see your tokens in your MetaMask wallet. Here’s what you need to do:

  • Firstly, you need to add Momint’s contract address to your assets within MetaMask
  • Got to the asset you’d like this move off Momint and selection ‘View on Chain’
  • You’ll then be taken to a Blockscout or Polygoncan page, where you can view the transactions around your NFT
  • Click on ‘Momint’ below:
Click on 'Momint'
  • Copy the contract address below:
Copy the Momint contract address
  • Open your MetaMask and select the ‘Assets’ section and click on ‘Import Tokens’:
  • Paste the contract address
  • You can input ‘0’ for decimals
  • Below is how it should look under your assets section:
The "MOMINT" tab should now be visible

Step 3: Sending Off Your NFT

Once you’ve completed the above steps, your MetaMask wallet is ready to receive your Momint assets!

  • Go to the NFT you’d like to send off Momint
  • Select ‘Transfer’:

  • Select the bottom option ‘Send Token Off Platform’:

  • Paste your MetaMask address in the required field
  • And you’re done - your NFT is now off the platform
  • Here’s what your MetaMask should look like once the transaction has been confirmed:

Wrapping Up

Your NFT is now off Momint and stored on your MetaMask wallet. From here you can bridge your token, which essentially means making it compatible with other marketplaces on other blockchains. We've covered a piece on how you can do that here.

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